Repair – Simonian

Over time with years of use or the occasional accident rugs can become damaged or loose. We always try to repair rugs back to their original condition using different weaving techniques. We can also alter rugs
by cutting them down to resize or customize for a new look.

Below are a few common repairs that we find our customers need.



Most rugs begin and end with fringes, and the main function of the fringe is to protect the pile integrity. A damaged fringe endangers the knots which make up the body of the rug, and these will start to loosened and fall without the fringe as a guard. There are many ways to repair fringe this is our knot stitch.





Side Cords
In most oriental rugs the side cords are formed by two or more warp threads that wrap with an extra woolen binding besides the weft threads and act as an exterior guard to the rug. If left unrepaired, the cords may break away from the rug and, with the pile unprotected, the knots will then fall away

Damage to the pile can be made by moths, continuous traffic on one part of the rug resulting on wear, or by fire. Moth usually devours the woolen portions of the rug; where the warp, weft and pile are all of wool, the moth will eat through them leaving a hole. If the foundation is of cotton, the damage will include only the pile. With the cotton weft and warp sound and strong, this can be repair.

Repairing Holes and Tears
Holes or tears can be the result of a variety of mishaps, such as moth damage, burns, spilt acids, etc. Holes may have started as a small slits and if left unrepaired will get larger. Any hole should be repaired as soon as possible; the sooner the repair is carried out, the less expensive the job and the more successful the final result.





Repair of Flat-Woven Rugs
Kilims, Navajo and Sumaks are a more delicate, light weight floor covering that lack of pile. The most common areas in need of attention in kilims are sides, ends and corners.





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