Pickup and Delivery – Simonian

We do offer a pick-up and delivery service for our customers that is unique. When we come to your home our objective is to help guide you in the decision making process so that you select the right service for your rug.

This starts with a valuation of the rugs condition and your concerns, then we make proper recommendations that your home and rug can benefit from. This may include repairs, padding, deodorizing, fiber protectant or even rotating the rug. We also want to make sure that you don’t select a service that you may not need or would not benefit from.

We are often in situations with many valuables heavy furniture and specific rug placement. This being said we carefully remove and install your rugs with respect and precision. We are often called in by design companies and rug manufactures to install or remove rugs because of our attention to detail.

For more information or schedule a free pick up, give us a call today at (415) 938-7847