Cleaning – Simonian

Often times we’ve found that rug owners hesitate to clean their rugs because they’re not sure who to trust..

We would like to reach out our hand and help guide you through the process of handwoven and Antique Rug cleaning

Rugs from different regions are cleaned and repaired at Simonian based on their origin, dyes and construction. Our techniques are a reflection of the way that rugs are washed in the countries that they were made in. Below is a brief description of our process and what you may expect when your rug is cleaned at Simonian.

Dust and grit are like small knives that cut the fibers and accelerate the wear. Besides, a clean rug has brighter, clearer colors and the wool feels soft and velvety. Cleaning should always be left to an Oriental rug specialist.

Phase 1: Dustingcleaning1
The first stage of the rug cleaning process starts with the removal of the dust and sand embedded into the rug pile. This is achieved through our industrial duster that gently beats the rug until we can no longer see any sand or dust being emitted from the pile.


Phase 2: Testing of Color Fastness and Soakingcleaning2
In this stage we test the colors in the rug for color fastness and apply color stabilizers to help avoid the colors from running throughout the rug. It is in this stage that we begin our thorough hand cleaning by soaking the rugs through with running water. We then applying our mild shampoo specially formulated for cleaning wool, silk, cotton, and other delicate materials to the rugs.


Phase 3: Hand Washingcleaning2
This step involves the hand agitation of the carpets to remove hard to clean spots and stains that are embedded deep in the rugs pile. This is very gentle on the fibers and prevents damage. We do this process both to the front and the back side of each rug to insure the deepest possible clean.


Phase 4: Flushingcleaning2
It is at this point that we begin to flush out the loosened soil and dirt by streaming water from underneath the rug. The water pushes through the foundation and emerges out the top of the rug, thoroughly removing the dirt to create the cleanest results possible.


Phase 5: Light Pressure Washingcleaning2
After the dirt has been flushed from the rug we carefully use a light pressure washing tool to effectively dislodge any remaining particles in the foundation of the rug. When the water from the light pressure washing runs clear we apply a specialized rinse that cancels out any soap residue leaving the rug soft, colorful, and pH balanced.


Phase 6: Water extractioncleaning2
After the rug is thoroughly cleaned it is put through our industrial wringing machine. This machine uses a high-pressure stream of water to remove any conditioners or residues that could possibly have remained in the rug. The rug then travels through two commercial grade rollers that apply pressure without damaging the rug to remove as much water as possible.


Phase 7: Dryingcleaning2
We hang the clean rugs in our temperature and humidity controlled room to dry the rugs quickly and effectively.


Phase 8: Inspectioncleaning2
When drying is complete we inspect each and every rug for any spots or soiling that was not removed and brightness of the fringes. We also inspect the rugs for any repairs that are needed to ensure the long life and investment of our customers’ rugs


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